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How to connect to a Teamspeak 3 server

In this basic run down you will see how to; ( for Windows, very similar for Android / Linux / OSX / iOS )

  • Connect to the Australian Gamers TeamSpeak 3 Server
  • Create a channel for yourself, a team, guild, clan or community
  • Grab the latest version of the TeamSpeak3 Client and install it for your Computers Operating System or Android / iOS Mobile Device

  • Open TeamSpeak3, Click on the ' Connections ' Menu in the top Left of the program
  • Enter the ' Server Address: ' choose a ' Nickname ' and click ' Connect '
  • How to Connect TeamSpeak 3 Client

    Now that we are connected, lets make a channel!

    right click, ' Create Channel '

    How to Make TeamSpeak 3 Channel

    Give your channel a name

    ' OK ' when done

    How to Setup TeamSpeak 3 Channel

    Make the channel unique

    right click, ' Edit Channel '

    How to Edit TeamSpeak 3 Channel

    Let the channel stick around so its there when you come back

    ' OK ' when done

    How to Make TeamSpeak 3 Channel Semi-Permanent

    If you need any assistance, ' poke ' adamkek >:D

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